You should find answers to some common questions here, but if you have any problems please contact us.

Are there any other charities that have a similar aim?

To the best of our knowledge there isn’t. There are a few charities that focus on providing special one off experiences to children. Our aim is to help the Parent suffering with cancer, the Mum or Dad. To experience their special event and share with their Children.

Who decides where the money/support goes?

Our Govening Document states that a minimum of three Trustee's will be involved in making decision's.

Upon receipt of an application, dependent on the timing necessary, a quick email or phone call between Trustees would ensure that a prompt decision and response is made to those applying.

How do you put a Parent forward for consideration? 

We ask that people contact us by email: contact@leonbarwellfoundation.org - giving an outline of the Parents diagnosis, what the Family would like to do together, timings and any other relevant information that would be useful.

What do you mean by family? 

We recognise that Families come in all shapes and sizes. Our priority is to focus on the adult, the mum or dad to give them the opportunity to share in a special event with their kids or dependant on the individual circumstances maybe extended family. We will review each case as there put forward to us.

How Can I Make A Donation?

 Donations can be made on our website www.leonbarwellfoundation.org.uk, where the link will take you through to our Just Giving Page.

Will the charity focus on Northamptonshire?

Yes Leon lived and worked in Northamptonshire and it’s our intention to help those living in the Northamptonshire area. 

If for example someone is running a marathon - will they be able to choose LBF as their chosen charity on Just Giving?

Yes, we are registered with Just Giving. Fundraisers can set up there own page donating their proceeds to LBF. There are also links to the Just Giving page on our website. 

Is it just those with terminal cancer that will benefit?

No, although those with terminal cancer we would see as a priority .We would like to help Parents with cancer at whatever stage there at.

What if it’s a child?

There are a number of charities that give specifically to children and we would direct people to those charities. We aim to help Parents suffering with cancer. Although as a result of this we will be giving those children whose parents are living day to day the opportunity to have a great time with their Mum or Dad and to create special memories.

Can a grandparent apply ?

We would certainly consider applications for grandparents, particularly in a case where all the generations could be involved in sharing a special day.


How can I help other than making a donation (e.g. providing gifts, days out, experiences etc)?

If anyone would like to make a pledge or promise to the Foundation, with offers of goods or services that they would like to provide to one of the families applying, we would love to hear from you. Email us at contact@leonbarwellfoundation.org with your details and a member of our team will be in touch.

Who are the trustees/people making the decisions?

The following people (and their relationship to Leon) are Trustees of the Foundation, a minimum of three people will be involved in making the decision to applications.

Paula Barwell – Founder
Henry & Ben Barwell – Leon’s Sons
Ella Bevan – Leon’s Sister
Amanda Bennamore – Leons Cousin
Jo & Nick Beal – Family Friends
Graham Starmer – Childhood Friend
Rob Jones – Colleague & Friend
Brian Facer – Colleague & Friend

What sort of help/experiences can you provide?

Since our launch in October 2014, we have been able to help a number of families to create those all important special memories.

Short Breaks in the UK, Day Trips to London to see a show. Visit to the seaside, Holidays on the coast, VIP guests at Northampton Saints are just some examples of whats been organised.

How do I get tickets for your forthcoming events?

We are planning two major events in 2016

A Golf Day in June 2016 & Following on from our hugely successful dinner last February we intend to hold another Black Tie Dinner In September 2016.

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