Family Stories

A Big THANK YOU! to those families who have kindly taken the time to show their appreciation for what the Foundation has been able to do for them. None of this would be possible without our supporters help & generosity...

  • 2018 - Haywood Family

    Oh Paula!! Thank you so so much!!! Is there anything I could do to repay you? Can I help with any fundraising? I'm just so grateful I can't thank you enough! - Joanne Haywood Read More »

  • 2018 - Jensen Family

    Dear Paula We all had such a fantastic time at Woburn and I will never forget your incredible kindness and generosity All the family thoroughly enjoyed our time together and the boys they... Read More »

  • 2018 - Pitram Family

    Dear Paula Thank you just doesn't do it! We all had an amazing time at Center Parcs. A few days in beautiful and peaceful surroundings was just what we needed and we really can't thank you... Read More »

  • 2018 - Maxwell Family

    Hello Paula I wanted to contact you to say a massive thank you for our bank holiday away at Centre Parcs. We had the most amazing time ever. Kids thoroughly loved all their clubs, & we... Read More »

  • 2018 - Atkinson Family

    Hi I just wanted to say thank you so much for Legoland we all had a great time we didn't want to come home again many thanks for the opportunity - Sadie Atkinson Read More »

  • 2018 - Spittles Family

    Dear Paula I hope you are well. My husband Alex and I would like to say a big thank you for gifting us the opportunity to go on a London Theatre Break, we had such a fantastic time. During... Read More »

  • 2018 - Joels Family

    Hi Paula, A thankyou does not even begin to come close. Thank you so much. I met Tracey today, o my. that lady really knows her stuff. the whole shop is just stunning. I felt special and... Read More »

  • 2018 - Wilkes Family

    Hi Paula, Well what can I say! We had the most amazing time at Brook Cottage over Easter and this would never have happened with you! We were all able to relax and do some lovely things. My... Read More »

  • 2018 - Coles Family

    Hi Paula Thankyou so much for giving is the opportunity to have a weekend away, it was amazing and everyone enjoyed themselves so much. It was a lovely sunny weekend so we made the most... Read More »

  • 2017 - Newby Family

    Mum Charlotte (28) was recently referred to the Foundation by staff at Northampton General Hospital following treatment for her cancer. Charlotte who is pregnant with her second child has recently... Read More »

  • 2017 - Bates/Notts Bower Family

    Mum & Grandmother Susan has been receiving treatment for head and neck cancer, very sadly Susan's prognosis is terminal, it was therefore very important to the family that they spent time together... Read More »

  • 2017 - Brown Family

    Mum, Linda is currently receiving treatment for breast cancer, desperately in need of a break and as a new grandmother to her 6 mth old grand daughter really waned to share in some special time... Read More »

  • 2017 - Halsey Family

    Mum of 4 Bev has been battling Breast cancer, unfortuantely for Bev the rigours of treatment meant that she couldn't work and struggled financially, the foundation arranged a family trip to... Read More »

  • Nyerenyere Family

    31st January 2017

    Precious 34 was referred to the foundation by staff at Cynthia Spencer, she is undergoing palliative chemotherapy at the moment. Precious has asked her children(6&4) what they wanted... Read More »

  • Mitchell Family

    12th December 2016

    Mum of three Justine is currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She was referred to the foundation by the information and support lead at Northampton General Hospital. Justine wanted... Read More »

  • Buck Family

    6th January 2017

    The Foundation was contacted by Northampton General Hospital's support team to refer Barrie and his family. Unfortunately Barries disease had progressed and we wanted to arrange a day out for... Read More »

  • Dobson Family

    4th December 2015

    The Foundation was contacted to ask for help for the Dobson family. Unfortuantely following Peter's cancer diagnosis his become unable to do everyday jobs around the house and indeed their garden... Read More »

  • Welsh Family

    21st September 2016

    Jim 44 was recently diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Until recently Jim was working at Church’s shoes. His work colleagues and friends have had a plaque placed at Anfield, Liverpool... Read More »

  • Henry Family

    9th September 2016

    Mum of three Camille, is receiving treatment for metastatic breast cancer, the team at McMillan Support referred Camille as they felt that she was in need of a break with her family and that... Read More »

  • James Family

    2nd September 2016

    Mum Deborah (36) has been receiving ongoing treatment for her cancer that was first diagnosed last year. Deborah wanted to do something extra special with her little girl Grace. The Foundation... Read More »

  • Dexter Family

    25th August 2016

    Mum Sam (38) was referred to the Foundation following a family fun day hosted by staff and volunteers at Northampton General Hospital. Sam has suffered with cancer since she was 28 and will... Read More »

  • Rista Family

    14th August 2016

    Mum Karen was referred to the Foundation following treatment for breast cancer. Karen has two daughters and the whole family loves the West End. The Foundation arranged for the family to see... Read More »

  • Mead Family

    8th August 2016

    Mum of two Katy (46) is suffering from metastatic breast cancer. She was referred to the Foundation by the team at Northampton General Hospital having struggled with the financial burden placed... Read More »

  • Short Family

    8th April 2016

    The McMillian team at Northampton General Hospital referred Amanda (44) and her family to the Foundation. Very sadly Amanda is suffering from terminal cancer and the family, husband Gary and... Read More »

  • Canon Family

    28th March 2016

    The MacMillan team referred Maria to the Foundation. Singe mum Maria has had treatment for her breast cancer, is having a tough time at the moment and was in need of some quality time with her... Read More »

  • Matthews Family

    25th March 2016

    The Foundation was approached to arrange a special family trip for cancer patient Michelle and her Family. Michelle 31, was diagnosed last year and her husband Jack was keen to give her some... Read More »

  • Farmer Family

    1st March 2016

    The Foundation arranged a visit to Fawlsey Hall for Afternoon Tea for the Farmer Family, heres Daughter Sarah's letter to us;   I just wanted to write and thank you for our lovely afternoon... Read More »

  • Mabika Family

    18th December 2015

    The Foundation arranged an overnight trip for Mum Mariane and Daughter Duchasse to enjoy London at Christmas with tickets to see The Lion King. Mum Marianne had just completed her Chemotherapy... Read More »

  • Radcliffe Family

    21st December 2015

    Single Mum Amanda, her son & Mother all enjoyed a very special trip to Edinburgh Zoo. Amanda and her son love Pandas and had always wanted to see these magnificent creatures up close. The... Read More »

  • Corby Family

    1st December 2015

    During 2015 the Foundation has continued to work with the cancer units at Cynthia Spencer and Northampton General Hospital as they have identified families for us to support. As we approach... Read More »

  • Maxwell Family

    12th October 2015

    The Foundation received a request from a Macmillan Nurse Specialist for David (48) who has been diagnosed with metastatic colorectal cancer. Prior to his diagnosis David worked as a driver... Read More »

  • Griffith Family

    3rd October 2015

    Jo has been battling Breast cancer and wanted to do something special for her family .She approached the Foundation enquiring if we could obtain tickets to watch a World Cup Rugby Match. &nbsp... Read More »

  • Partridge Family

    27th July 2015

    The Foundation was approached by Cynthia Spencer to ask if we could organise a much-needed family holiday, for Charles and his family - wife Serien and two teenage children. Charles has been... Read More »

  • The Anderson Family

    24th April 2015

    The Anderson Family The Foundation funded a short break at Center Parcs in Woburn for Rob's Daugter Cat and their family to spend precious weekend together having some fun.. " Had a lovely... Read More »

  • Carter/Ainge Family

    23rd May 2015

    The Carter/Ainge Family The Foundation funded a weeks holiday for Lisa Carter and her family to enjoy some precious time together at Butlins in Skegness. "On behalf of my Daughter Lisa, I... Read More »

  • The Hunt Family

    8th June 2015

    The Hunt Family  The Hunt Family took a trip to Scotland to see the Kelpies, the Equine Sculptures were something Andy had always wanted to see. The Foundation funded a short break for... Read More »

  • Healthcare Professional Testimonials

    "The foundation has been set up with a huge amount of thought behind it. As a professional with huge time limits your simple referral procedure is great. The speed with which you respond to... Read More »

  • Winkler Family

    "The support offered by The Leon Barwell Foundation was second to none, we had arranged to surprise our Mum and they came up with some really good ideas. Unfortunately Mum passed away before... Read More »

  • Dearing Family

    Dearing Family

    Mum Maxine is a fan of the West End and the Foundation arranged a day trip to London for Maxine and her family to see Made in Dagenham, to make the day extra special as it was Maxine’s... Read More »

  • Bodsworth Family

    Bodsworth Family

    They enjoyed a trip on the Eurostar to Paris, stayed overnight and visited the sights Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame & Champs Elysee to mention a few….. “It was a lovely experience... Read More »

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